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About Pindrop Clothing

Welcome to Pindrop Clothing, the out-of-this-world fashion hub where creativity and originality collide! We're a family-run business orbiting around the imaginative minds of James Bowersox, his children Jake and Arielle, sister Kerry, and wife Gina. Together, we've embarked on a cosmic journey to bring you unique, extraterrestrial-inspired clothing that defies the status quo.

Our design team, led by James, taps into the mysteries of the universe, conjuring up the latest UFO sightings and alien abductions to create otherworldly apparel. Arielle, our young artist, brings her love of animals to life through whimsical cat drawings, dog sketches, and other lovable creature designs. Meanwhile, Jake adds a touch of supernatural coolness with the Pindrop Real Thing logo and the enigmatic Ghost Skater.

Not only do we specialize in clothing, but we've also ventured into the realm of aesthetic phone cases, featuring captivating designs inspired by spaceships, skate parks, and the thrilling Maui shark attack. Our goal is to provide you with truly unique and eye-catching products that you won't find in department stores.

Captured in vivid detail, Arielle's photography and social media savvy keep our brand's digital presence fresh and engaging, while Jake models our one-of-a-kind pieces, showcasing their vibrant energy. Behind the scenes, Kerry expertly manages our finances as the company bookkeeper, and Gina works her magic in the realm of PR.

Based in the picturesque locales of Maui, Hawaii, and Charlotte, North Carolina, Pindrop Clothing was born from a desire to break free from the confines of conventional kids' clothing. Our mission is to foster self-expression and celebrate the boundless creativity of young artists.

So join us on this intergalactic adventure and let your imagination soar with Pindrop Clothing – where UFO cartoons, alien encounters, and the extraordinary reign supreme!

Our Mission

At Pindrop Clothing, our mission is to inspire creativity, celebrate individuality, and ignite the spirit of adventure through our extraordinary designs. We are committed to crafting high-quality, eco-conscious apparel that embodies the unbounded imagination of young artists, while promoting self-expression and fostering a sense of belonging in a community of free-spirited adventurers.

Our passion for the unconventional drives us to push the boundaries of fashion, offering a vibrant alternative to mainstream kids' clothing. By embracing the mysteries of the cosmos and the wonders of the natural world, we aim to cultivate curiosity, instill confidence, and empower our customers to boldly express their unique style.

Together, as a family-run business, we pledge to uphold the values of integrity, sustainability, and artistic excellence, while contributing to a brighter, more inclusive future for the next generation of dreamers, explorers, and creative minds.