About us

Pindrop is your cool kid's next stop for fresh fashion! Multifaceted artist James Bowersox of Maui created this lively clothing line after discovering such limited choices for his own kids. Bowersox brings vibrant and abstract art to life with Pindrop’s unique tees, hats and apparel.

We are committed to dynamic and durable designs which allow kids to express themselves. Our team collaborates with an array of artists and minds to craft limited-edition pieces and a variety of vibes. Pindrop is all about thrilling threads for stylin' kids!

Pindrop is proud to be a family business with flair. Bowersox’s kids are part of the team, with son Jake Phoenix modeling and designing t-shirts, while daughter Arielle provides her skills on social media, pricing and designs, such as Pindrop’s most popular tee, Techno Kitty. It's a great way to teach his kids how to run a business as well as share their artistic talents with the world.


Pindrop is a new dimension in kidswear, designed to bring more flavor to closets globally. Our vivacious line is affordable and provides quality comfort for youths on the move. Our designs give kids a refreshing alternative to the plain apparel department stores offer today.

We believe fashion is about self-expression, not trends. Kids are inspiring and enthusiastic, and Pindrop is stoked to provide an outlet for them in their everyday style. Whether it’s on the school playground, at the skate park or a birthday party, Pindrop gives kids a chance to showcase their personalities.

Check out this new wave in artistic apparel for vibrant youth. Pindrop could be the right fit for the cool kid in your life!